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Moments of Inertia

22 April
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I'm an analog electrical engineer, with most of my career spent on television devices (cameras, monitors, etc.). Computers are for me just a sometimes-uncomforable tool or creative instrument. I enjoy the history of technology, and actively collect and document a small portion of that history (TV signal boosters and UHF converters, ca. 1946-56). Additionally, I really like small, out-of-the-ordinary cars, and I own a 1960 Goggomobil Coupe. My wife and I married late (in our late 40s, and both for the first time), and we have no kids.
Besides the abovementioned technical interests, I enjoy cooking and eating (my motto: "Oh boy -- food! My favorite!"), singing (baritone/tenor) in the church choir, Ham radio, and seeing how things work. That last item has led me to figuring out myself, through courses at Landmark Education over the last dozen years.