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Springtime in New England

Here it is, not even noon, and it's already 80 degrees out! The weekend was lovely, with temps in the 70s and mostly clear skies here in the Boston area, so everyone arrived back at work with some (red) color in their skin (except me; I spent the weekend assisting at the Wisdom course at Landmark Education). We New Englanders embrace any warm weather days after a long dark winter. But this is too much, too early! We know we will pay for it (it'll probably snow by Thursday!), but we don't care. The trees have greened up astonishingly fast, greedily absorbing all this sun and photosynthesizing like crazy. Last night I changed the oil and charged the battery in the lawn mower, since the yard (the back yard at least) is beginning to look shaggy.

Edit! It's now early afternoon and we're pushing 90! Nice little breeze and low humidity, though. And the ground is still cool, so it doesn't feel so hot out, like in the dead of summer.

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