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End of my 60th year

Today's my birthday -- the calendar says I'm 61 now, though I'm not convinced that there's not been some kind of bookkeeping error. I still retain an awful lot of traits I remember from my teens and 20s, and my "mental age" for myself is perhaps 28. My body, however, likes to remind me of the passage of time. Lately I've had what I think is sciatica -- a painful pinched nerve in my right hip that makes itself felt all the way down to my foot. Physical therapy might well be in my near future.

My sister and my wife both independently got me birthday cards today that are very uplifting and encouraging. This is exactly what I needed! A tough problem at work (excessive unwanted radiation from the camera head of a new HD camera) had resisted all my attempts to fix it, and had gotten me down. So those cards were a real tonic to my spirits. God is watching out for me through those I love!
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