aj2x (aj2x) wrote,

End of a personal era

I have retired my briefcase.

It has been my faithful companion for almost 23 years, a gift to me from my coworkers at North American Philips ('Magnavox') when I left that job. The paper with everyone's signature was still in the (otherwise rarely used) pocket in the lid, the ink a little smeary from age (or maybe the beer spilled on it at my going-away party). It was a very nice briefcase, hard-sided and covered with faux leather that still looks good. The handle was the weak spot in its design: for the last several years I have used a succession of nylon tie-wraps to replace one side of the handle's attachment. The original cast metal fitting wore through from constant motion of the handle, and I could see that the other side was wearing similarly, though for some reason, more slowly.

It was a heavy case, so just carrying it each day was a bit of exercise. It was my "portable morass" -- the long-term repository for magazines, articles, letters, drawings and papers of all sorts. All carried back and forth to work each day, along with my lunch and a now-rarely-used Day Runner (still has the 2005 pages).

I've replaced it with a MUCH lighter old model, picked up for $3 at the local Salvation Army store. Just plain molded plastic, a little smaller in interior volume. Considering how lightly used the old one was, this should be more than adequate.
Tags: briefcase, habit, morass
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