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Today's rant -- headlights

OK, long time since last entry. I acknowledge my complete lack of updates. No excuses.

Lately some things have stirred my ire (as much as this mild-mannered person ever gets stirred up), and today's irritation is People Who Don't Turn On Their Headlights.

Of course I don't mean those who forget to turn them on when leaving brightly-lit parking areas at night -- they usually realize their error pretty quickly and correct it. I'm talking about those who fail to turn on their car's lights when weather conditions make visibility sub-par. For example, this morning's commute was under dark gray skies, with rain and some fog. Most of the cars had their headlights on, as is appropriate, but some didn't. Those cars are nearly invisible against a wet gray road -- indeed, sometimes I only knew a car was there because it was silhouetted by other cars' lights. Now, there usually was enough light to see where I was driving, even when the rain was heavy, so I didn't need my headlights, and I suspect that would be the argument of the drivers of those non-lighted vehicles. But I want to be seen as well as see, so that others can avoid hitting me when pulling out into traffic, or passing, etc. And I want those other folks to be visible too, so that I don't hit them (though some deserve it!).

So, to all you who fail to turn on your car's lights when it's raining, or gloomy, or foggy:

Thank you for you time and attention.
Tags: bad weather, driving, headlights, rant
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