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Heehee -- I got to play with some of my oldest engineering tools today. I'm doing a test layout for a very small printed circuit board whose many traces need to be carefully mapped out to scale. The main elements are rectangular (connectors) but the board is round (a 0.9 inch diameter disk). So I got out my Gramercy M08A drawing set, bought in 1966 as a freshman engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. Two compasses, a caliper, a few extension arms, a mechanical drawing pencil and several pens and nibs, all in a hard plastic carrying case. The foam in the lid is deteriorating now but it still holds everything in place.

This is just about the only stuff I still have from my freshman year in college. There may be some pictures or even a notebook but not much else. And nothing else from that long ago remains as useful.
Tags: college, drafting equipment, engineering, tools
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