aj2x (aj2x) wrote,

More on the house down the street

Well, despite cold and rain, the work is proceeding nicely on that house. It's a 2-1/2 story affair, rather square, but with the standard gable roof. My wife and I walked over the other evening for a closer look. It's full of oddities, in our eyes. The left side has only one window, on the top floor, and it looks almost like a door in size and shape. The right side of the house (where the original house's attached garage began) is all framed and sheathed, with an opening for a door at the 2nd floor. The sheathing implies that wall is exterior, yet there's 20-odd feet of pad still to be built upon to the right, and likely rooflines would cut mighty close to (if not through) that framed doorway. What we can see of interior framing looks fairly conventional, but the kitchen looks like it's very long and skinny, stretching across the whole back of the house, with clumsy-looking access. Oh well.
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